Jillian Michaels Posts McDonalds Acrylamide Warning on Facebook

Jillian Michaels, one of the leading health and wellness experts in the country posted a picture of a 'McDonalds Warning Label' on her facebook page today causing quite the stir. She states: "A fan posted this picture on my wall. Apparently California is requiring a warning label be put on McDonalds foods. Like cigarettes. This is why I tell you to never eat this crap or feed it to your kids."

At first glance it's nice to see such a warning on the food label, as education is a key component of Super Health Nation and I feel so many people are completely in the dark when it comes to nutrition. However, after looking into the matter a little further it appears as though this same picture was posted online about 3 years ago.

In any case, by Jillian posting the picture on her facebook wall (fake or not), the information contained within the message may have opened some eyes about the possible hidden dangers of fast food and heavily processed foods.

What is Acrylamide? 

Acrylamide, a known nerve-toxin and suspected carcinogen, is extremely prevalent in our food supply (think processed foods and fast foods). This issue was noted in 2002 and is still being addressed by the food industry, FDA, World Health Organization, and government health agencies around the world, yet many of us haven’t even heard about acrylamide. The European Chemical Agency added acrylamide to the list of substances of very high concern in March of 2010.

If more people knew about this toxin, perhaps they might make adjustments to their buying and eating habits. Does it make you wonder who the FDA spends more tax dollars on: Informing the Consumer or Protecting Profits for the Food & Drug Industry? On a side note, just the other day, it was revealed that the Food and Drug Administration advisers, said the benefits of four popular Bayer AG birth-control pills outweigh the blood-clot risk. What the FDA didn't disclose is that three of the advisers have had ties to Bayer, serving as consultants, speakers or researchers. Does anyone else see a conflict of interest there??

Cigarette smoking is a major acrylamide source. Acrylamide also forms when certain carbohydrate-rich foods are heated at either high temperatures or for prolonged periods of time. This makes it of particular concern for processed foods because high heat and prolonged cooking times help ensure shelf-life.

The EPA recommendations are for less than 0.5 ppb, but it’s now known that many foods, including cereals, potato chips, crackers, baby foods, and many other products contain acrylamide levels in the hundreds or even thousands ppb. This is a fact that is documented and easily accessed through the FDA’s own website (Acrylamide Levels in Certain Foods).

Acrylamide is already positively linked to neurotoxicity (causes nerve damage) and consumers have the right to know which processed foods have high levels of this chemical, what levels of acrylamide are acceptable, and how to minimize their exposure to it.

It's amazing that it's been 10 years since a Swedish Study has linked acrylamide with cancer, yet government agencies and food manufacturers around the globe have failed to effectively educate consumers.

Limit your exposure by choosing organic whole foods when possible. Limit your intake of processed foods. Invest in a good blender that will make eating healthy easy and fun. You'll learn to make delicious smoothies and drinks using whole foods that keep you full and energized throughout the day. We offer the BlendTec Blenders and the Vita-Mix Blenders, but you can certainly start out with a good Ninja Blender from your local Target or Bed Bath & Beyond for around $100.00. Everyone I've spoken to regarding their BlendTec Blenders absolutely love them! You'll be able to kick those processed food cravings in no time!

Jillian Michaels McDonalds Acrylamide Warning Label