Apr 11

Lose Weight and Preserve Energy with a Morning Smoothie

Most people I speak with typically start their day off with either coffee, cereal, a bagel, or even worse, a donut or croissant. These foods will not give the energy that your body requires to last through the morning. A good breakfast that keep your energy levels high and food cravings low throughout the morning, would be a protein shake filled with minerals and greens.

Mar 15

Fresh Orange Juice with Liquid Light Trace Minerals

Before I knew much about what it takes to achieve Super Health, I used to enjoy orange juice with every meal. This isn't exactly your ideal beverage to consume with various dinners, but I was young and "could get away with it".  Little did I realize at the time, but I was basically drinking loads of sugar with much of the nutritional value already having been spent during the pasteurization process. When you buy store bought fruit juice, it is typically pasteurized and heated prior to being sold in stores.

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